About the Show

GENEALOGY QUICK START is a 30 minute TV program providing the steps needed to begin researching your ancestry. Monthly from April - September we will explore hot topics with professional and everyday people researching family history. We will focus on the fun and creativity involved in uncovering our past. Topics include online research, DNA, and much more.

About the Crew

The #1 crew at PhillyCam, in my humble opinion, is mostly made up of people from my first PhillyCam class, TV Studio Crew, taught by Charles Gregory Postell (Tory, Karen, Frank, James, and Pete). Then additional family, (Rudolph, Ursula), and genealogy buddie Elaine Henry became certified. Chef and Nite were great finds as I crewed the "Chef Trek's Culinary Adventures" show. Soon to be certified and official crew members, family Loretta Nichols Menokin, Robin Toomer,  and genealogy buddie Dena Ellis. Dena was a guest on the show, loved the experience, and became a PhillyCam member.  PhillyCam members Donald Terry and Sherry Patterson also crewed the show.


Created and hosted by Shamele Jordon, professional genealogist, producer, lecturer, and writer. Her biographical highlights include: producer of "Genealogy Quick Start," researcher for the PBS series "Oprah’s Roots: African American Lives I and II," NJ State Library grant recipient, researching Civil War Burials in Lawnside, NJ; former president of the African American Genealogy Group in Philadelphia, past board member of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, faculty at the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research, Athens, Ga,, workshop volunteer at the Family History Center in Cherry Hill, NJ

  • James L. Dennis Jr
  • Camera
  • RansteadRoll
  • Frank Weindel
  • Technical Director
  • MacGyver
  • Cousin Tory Irvin
  • Everything I Ask
  • Camera
  • Prod Assistant
  • Guest
  • Fall guy, etc.
  • Karen Walker
  • Floor Manager
  • Camera
  • Make-up Artist
  • NITE
  • Director
  • Editor
  • Peter Celona II
  • Camera
  • Assist Everyone
  • Charles Gregory
  • Crew Emeritus
  • Rudolph Vincent
  • Cousin
  • Audio
  • Elaine Henry
  • Camera,
  • Production Assistant
  • Genealogist
  • Auntie Ursula Toomer
  • Floor Manager
  • Camera
  • Make-up Artist
  • Chef Delmer Gill
  • Audio
  • Camera

Special Thanks to PhillyCam's technical staff lead by Technical Director Ryan Sauders. Jeff Bethea, Tyreece Powell-Dunbar, and Gabrielle Castro your tireless energy to get us up and going is amazing. We appreciate you!

“If I were a carpenter, I'd find a way to empower using that skill. I'm using as much as God has given - my mind, my voice, my heart, my art forms. This is the highest form of expression on the planet from God, to me, to you."

- Avery Brooks